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For the first time we are doing a themed virtual book.

"Its a Haunted House Virtual Tour"

Find the author and the book here:-


About the Author:-

A Beautiful artwork by the author.

A Bustle attached to a keyboard, occasionally to be seen floating on a canal …

After studying Early Music followed by a brief career in concert performance, the Bustle exchanged vocal parts for less vocal arts i.e. a Diploma from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia.

Her inky mess, both graphic and verbal, can be found in various regions of the Web, and appendaged to good people’s works (for no visible reason that she can understand).

About the book:-


When Aubrey Marchant's engagement to Eleanor Maydew was announced to his friends, he received mixed blessings.

‘The Maydews are a bohemian lot – not many servants, even before the War.’

‘Keen on brown bread and vegetables – don't expect too much in the way of creature comforts.’

‘Brave chap, I am sure you'll find the country air bracing.’

‘And Eleanor comes of good stock, too. Never mind the burst water pipes.’

Aubrey managed to shrug off most of these under a jocular guise. One of his closest friends however, let slip something that would come back to him later.

‘I wouldn't mind the rest of it – only I believe it may be a House of Spirits. Hope you can sleep all right at nights.’

Aubrey laughed at the time. ”

A crowded house party – with more guests on the way. Despite instructions to the contrary, the older part of the house is opened up . . .and something is inadvertently let out, to wreak mild havoc and insanity on the Maydews and their guests. That nasty incident involving Eleanor, followed by unpleasantness over Penny’s dress, and what is it Aubrey can hear, on the outer edge of his dreams?

Hysteria, missed cocktails, and something nasty in the attic.

Snrrip, snrrip. Snip, snap.

Even the rats run away.

A ghost tale, almost not quite long enough to qualify as a novelette, created in celebration of M.R.James’s 150th anniversary.

Tour Banner:-


To be held on 29th September, 2012 tour post via KDP promotion.

Tour Schedule:-

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